Worldwide Apple recall of two-prong wall plugs


Apple yesterday made a voluntary recall of over 2 million two-pronged power adapters. The recall was due to multiple cases of the plugs breaking or causing electric shock.

Apple stated that it was aware of at least 12 incidents involving the fault. Customer safety is a “top priority” of Apple’s business. Last year Apple urged owners of a particular Beats loudspeaker system to stop using it due to a fire risk. The year before that, Apple offered a free exchange for a particular model of the USB charger for the iPhone sold in Europe due to a few cases of overheating.

Apple have started a voluntary recall that will see it exchange the adapters for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac, over concerns they could cause further danger to users.

The affected adapters are two-prong power adapters that were built between 2003 and 2015 and used across continental Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

It does not affect wall plug adapters or Apple USB power adapters for those in the US, UK, China, Japan or Canada. However, it does affect those customers who purchased the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit in the UK or US.

Affected users can exchange their power adapters at their nearest Apple store or request a replacement online, here.