BT unveils new Smart Hub router for ‘unbeatable’ Wi-Fi


Claiming to be the most powerful default router offered by major UK broadband providers, the new Smart Hub 6 has been unveiled by BT, and is set to be launched this summer.

The Smart Hub 6 will have an improved Wi-Fi range as well as a stronger signal, as BT looks to ensure its customers receive an uninterrupted connection.

This is thanks to the dual-band router containing a record-high seven antennas, as well as advanced filters to block out interference. The majority of other routers available only contain five antennas.

This will reduce the amount of dropped connections and lack of coverage in certain spots, with the signal capable of penetrating multiple walls and floors.

The technology built into the router also means that it can identify specific pieces of tech, such as your laptop, mobile or tablet, and direct bandwidth towards them. This will prevent devices ‘stealing’ download speeds away from each other.

Additionally, there is ‘Smart Scan’ technology, which works continuously in the background, choosing whichever channel has the least congestion, ensuring you receive the best Wi-Fi performance.

“Customers want a quality connection throughout their homes and the new BT Smart Hub delivers the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal, so customers can enjoy Wi-Fi in more places,” said Pete Oliver, BT Consumer commercial marketing and digital managing director.

“It’s packed with the latest Wi-Fi technology and is the only router from a major UK broadband provider to offer seven antennas which offer unbeatable Wi-Fi range.”

Despite being larger than the previous BT router, the new Smart Hub is still slim enough to fit through your letter box, meaning you don’t need to be at home when it arrives. There is also the option to dim or turn off the lights on the router, and it should be simple to set up.

Existing BT customers can sign up to register their interest, with registration closing on 8 July. It costs £50 to upgrade, but if you renew your BT broadband contract you will receive the router for free.