100 million users of Rambler.ru have details stolen in hack


More than 98 million users of the internet portal and web service Rambler.ru – dubbed the ‘Russian Yahoo’ – have had their login details stolen and leaked online in a major cyber breach, according to reports.

LeakedSource.com, a website which monitors data breaches occurring around the world, has managed to obtain a copy of an internal customer database for almost 100 million users. These logins were claimed to date back to February 2012, but were only published recently.

Russian journalists also appear to have validated the concerning news, which also revealed that none of the passwords were encrypted when they were stored, just listed in plain text. This leaves users in a highly vulnerable position.

Even though the hack appears to have occurred four years ago, the big concern is that many people use the same usernames and logins for a wide range of platforms. Therefore, cyber criminals may now be able to access multiple accounts owned by a Rambler user, simply through a trial and error method, using the account details they have obtained.

This means a number of bank and social media accounts are potentially at risk, if the criminals use the login details from the Rambler hack. Copies of the list of account details were reportedly being sold online for 1 bitcoin, equivalent to around £450.

This latest ‘mega data breach’ should serve as a reminder to use different passwords for each of your accounts, and to change them regularly, to ensure your accounts are secure.