Changes to Twitter’s character limit rolled out


Twitter is in the process of introducing changes to its 140-character restriction, which includes images no longer using up any characters, to let users write longer tweets.

This update was announced earlier this year, but is only just being introduced to users of the social media platform.

The changes will see images, videos, GIFs, quoted tweets and polls no longer counting towards the character limit, freeing up more characters for you to type with. On top of this, when replying to a person’s tweet, their username will soon no longer take up any characters.

Previously, to the great frustration of most users, including one of those used up 23 characters, which is actually quite substantial, equating to 16 per cent of every tweet. Therefore, the update is expected to be well-received.

However, external media linked in Tweets – such as YouTube videos – will still count towards the cap.

Twitter has faced calls for some time to allow users to type longer tweets, and last year the company finally removed the cap on direct messages. It’s very unlikely Twitter will ever fully remove the character limit however, and any cap increase that does occur is expected to remain small.

The social media giant has lost ground on its rivals lately, as the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook continues to soar. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active monthly users, whereas Twitter has just over 300 million.