Samsung Galaxy S8 only available with dual-curved edge screen

Samsung Galaxy Note

The curved screen we’ve grown accustomed to on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge phones may be set to become the norm for the South Korean firm’s mobiles, according to sources.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly only be available with curves on either side of the display, with the technology giant dropping the regular flat panel design. This news come from a report by the Korea Herald, which has reliable sources within Samsung.

Interestingly, the next-generation device is expected to be sold in the same two sizes as the S7 and S7 Edge (5.1 and 5.5 inches respectively), with customers just no longer having the choice of flat or curved edges.

The Galaxy Note range saw a curved screen feature for the first time recently, on the Note 7. However, this phone has since been recalled by Samsung following reports of it exploding while charging, or just after charging, with users swapping it for a new one.

It has even led to American airlines requesting that owners keep the phone turned off during flights, as well as to avoid packing them in their checked luggage.

The dual-curved edge display is probably the most legitimate rumour currently going around with regards to the Galaxy S8. Others swirling about include a dual-lens camera – which features on the new iPhone 7 Plus – and a 4K display, which would ramp up the quality considerably. These are interesting ideas, and it will take a fair amount of effort for Samsung to improve upon its last offering, which we awarded five stars.