Facebook brings AI suggestions to UK Messenger users

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Facebook has given UK Messenger users access to its “M Suggestions”, allowing them to use recommendations from its AI personal assistant.

Facebook had previously been insistent that the introduction of chatbots to their messaging service would irrevocably change the way people functioned, with them promising the ability to order food, check bank balances and even buy flowers without ever having to leave the app.

The social media giant quickly reduced the levels of enthusiasm directed towards the service, admitting that many of their claims were overhyped through excitement, representing desire more than reality. However, the underlying technology is still prevalent throughout the Messenger app, although many of its features have been limited to the US.

As part of the Messenger service, the M assistant is designed to arise whenever it believes it can provide additional content or save the user time, based on what has been mentioned it the Messenger conversation.

This functionality can include an offer of a user’s location when it believes it to be necessary, as well as stickers to enable the user to end a conversation without having to type.

The assistant will also suggest the option to create a plan, start a poll or save content for use later. These options will be triggered by the appearance of a small M logo, which can be dismissed if not wanted or needed.

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