127 technology firms oppose Trump’s immigration ban

Trump protest sign

127 US technology companies have signed a brief opposing President Trump’s ban on immigration, saying that the executive order “inflicts significant harm” on their business.

The signatories include major firms, including the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

These companies have signed an amicus brief, which allows parties that are not directly involved in a case, but feel they are affected by it to give their views in a legal environment.

Trump’s executive order bought the US refugee programme to a halt for 120 days, as well as banning Syrian refugees indefinitely and denying entry to the US for all nationals from seven predominantly Islamic nations.

At the time of writing, there is a temporary pause on this ban, following a restraining order being issued by a Washington judge on 03 January.

This restraining order allows people from Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Iraq to enter the US, provided that they hold the required visas and documentation, until the full case has been heard in a court of law.

The brief from the tech firms reads: “Of course, the federal government can and should implement targeted, appropriate adjustments to the nation’s immigration system to enhance the nation’s security.

“A broad, open-ended ban – together with an indication that the ban could be expanded to other countries without notice – does not fit the goal of making the country more secure. Instead, it will undermine American interests.”