LG and Samsung unveil new flagship TVs


New televisions have been revealed by Samsung and LG at the CES 2017 tech show, designed to blend in with consumers’ rooms more.

Samsung revealed an innovative creation, with a TV designed to look like a painting that will display art while not in use, whereas LG showed off a television set that will be fixed almost completely flat against the wall.

Another reveal from Samsung showed a TV with brightness levels much higher than in any previous set.

The 75in (190cm) QLED 4K TV makes use of the latest version of its quantum dot technology – tiny particles that emit different colours of light. The company now use metal in order to better produce colour.

QLED TVs are much brighter than the average screen but at the cost of not being able to achieve the darkest possible blacks.

A tech analyst at Futuresource, Jack Wetherill, said: “It’s insanely bright. That is pretty power hungry one would imagine, but if they’re going down the route of getting as good a picture as they can out of it, then fair enough.”

Meanwhile, LG’s new OLED 4K TV has not got any thinner, being just 2.57mm thick as it was last year, but the company has now designed a new mount, using magnets to fix the screen against the wall, meaning it doesn’t cast “a single shadow”.

LG also announced its latest TVs would support four HDR formats. It is generally agreed that HDR brings massively improved quality to the TV picture, as it allows for a greater contrast between light and dark, as well as making the display richer.

“It is more vibrant, the colours are more distinctive,” said Mr Wetherill. “It does bring a much more impressive and immersive experience – no question about that.”

It seems that there could be a format war going forwards, similar to that experienced in the Blu-Ray vs HD DVD war from the mid-2000s. With this in mind, it seems like an excellent policy from LG, as it ensures its sets will be unlikely to be rendered obsolete, as it supports all possible forms.

Away from these two South Korean tech giants, Sony also announced its first ever 4K OLED TV, as part of its Bravia range.