Cafes Have Started to Ban Laptops

Technology is an integral part of everyday living that It’s never far away, even in social situations, mobile phones are often close by. A very common to see many people using their laptops whilst in cafes. However, this may change as more establishments are actively banning the use of laptops on their premises.

High-Tech Cities are Home to a New Ban

Brighton is a hotspot for the banning of laptops. The city is home to many high-growth tech companies and freelance employees who often choose to work in cafes. Business owners believe that the laptop ban will hopefully “revive the art of hospitality”. Customers in cafes operate with a natural cycle, whereby they consume what they’ve ordered, socialise and then leave once they’ve finished. Laptops cause people to lose all sense of as they get carried away with their work and fail to notice the environment around them, so breaking this cycle.

Cafes Are on a Mission

Cafes aren’t just fighting back against anti-social visitors that are glued to their screens, establishments are also trying to improve their revenue. One of the main grievances that business owners have is that laptop users spend large amounts of time in cafes, but don’t make enough purchases to make up for the WiFi services that are used. Furthermore, laptop users often taken up much needed tables, which is especially apparent during busy hours for the establishment concerned.

A Mixed Reaction

Some laptop users haven’t taken too kindly to the anti-laptop movement in some cafes. When informed that they can’t use their devices, some laptop users have walked out. In contrast, others have welcomed the new ban as a step in the right direction to help the café experience.

Although general opinions are split when it comes to the growing laptop ban, it could change the way cafes operate. There could be separate establishments in the future, where some are catered to socialising and others specifically for those who want to work. These bans could open a new market that entrepreneurs will most likely take advantage of.


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