The Blurred Boundaries Between Tablets and Laptops

Tablets are seem to have become an intrinsic part of laptop technology in recent years. Laptops are looking less like laptops and more like tablets. Laptops are even behaving more like tablets and vice versa. Some tablets even have more power than desktops in our homes and smart phones are functioning more like computers.

Tablets Have Changed How We View and Use Laptops

Companies like Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Apple are creating devices that have changed how we view and use laptops. Microsoft have driven a lot of this change with Windows 10 and the Surface range of devices. They are created around the need for productivity and completing tasks across multiple devices.

Consumer Experience is Essential

When it comes to using a laptop today, it isn’t just about the hardware, it is also about the experience the user can get from that hardware. For example, the detachable screen of the Surface Book 2 makes it the most capable tablet on the market. It has a far more superior performance than other tablets on the market. It can do more than most tablets which have had to make compromises in order to balance weight, size and performance.

Less compromises are having to be made in recent years, as more can be done on a device the size of tablet than in the past, only a large desktop could do. With so many devices that share similar technology, the distinction between each one is becoming more difficult.

The Boundary Still Exists, But it’s Getting A Lot Smaller

Although the boundaries between tablet and laptop are blurring, they do still exist. Some of the most powerful laptops are still somewhat heavier than a tablet. More powerful processors require larger batteries which need to be housed in bigger devices. However, when a device like the Surface Book 2 has the same power as a desktop and remain light, it’s clear that technology developers can create a powerful yet small device.


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