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There are many other companies out there selling tablets, so here you will find reviews on some of the arguably lesser-known tablets for sale.

Saturn Pro 10 by Venturer

The Saturn Pro 10 is a very good hybrid for those on a budget, with a number of factors in its favour. It may be outperformed by higher-end devices, but holds its own against the vast majority of devices on Read more…
Venturer EliteWin S 11KT

Venturer EliteWin S 11KT Laptop/Tablet Review

The Venturer EliteWin S 11KT is a fairly cheap 2-in-1 Windows Laptop-Tablet hybrid that looks impressive and performs well. Unsurprisingly, more expensive alternatives such as the Microsoft Surface Books will work much quicker and seamlessly, and prove to be better Read more…
Venturer EliteWin11

Venturer EliteWin 11KT review

The Venturer EliteWin 11KT is a solidly built little tablet-netbook hybrid. Its industrial-strength look and feel is reinforced by a robust keyboard which is a pleasure to type on while on the go. What we think Although Windows 10 still Read more…

ASUS Transformer Prime Review

What We Think The ASUS Transformer Prime is the second attempt by ASUS at a tablet with keyboard dock and it’s a good, solid go at this concept. ASUS has built a good tablet, that stands alone well and is Read more…

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