HTC One X Review

What We Think

The HTC One that is stunning in terms of design and power. However, the quality of its video is poor and grainy at best and a battery life that is rather unreliable. If you’re after a reliable business phone then this maybe at the bottom of the pile.


The HTC One X brings power and stuffs it into a rather thin and light chassis and finishes it all off by placing a huge 4.7inch HD screen on the front.

The One X is a phone like only a few others in that it features a quad core CPU that as you can guess ensures this handset is rather pricey.

In terms of design you will see straight away, the majority of the phone, as is the fashion these day, is taken up by the screen. A massive 4.7inch screen that is situated in a nicely rounded chassis that is rather slippery to touch.

Even though the phone maybe quite large it is still incredibly light weighing a total of 130g. However, to achieve this HTC opted for a plastic casing which also gives it a rather tacky feel.

It may feel, slightly, tacky but it certainly does not look tacky, a well polished finished and attention to detail makes it look every penny it’s worth.

The rear of the casing houses a huge 8-megapixel camera and at the bottom hidden away neatly nestles Beats audio speakers.

Besides that there are two ports – a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro-USB port. Due to the battery being non-removable the micro sim is inserted into a tray that slides out of a small indent in the phone, very much like the iPhone.

Our Verdict

The HTC One X is a powerhouse, a giant that has been stuffed with raw power and as a result has ended up with a massive price tag. Unfortunately, concentrating on raw power has resulted in a power battery life and a slightly cheap feeling phone. This should not really be a phone on the top of your list to say the least.

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