Be.eZ LE Reporter Range Laptop Bags

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A laptop bag made by a French company. Even though these Laptop/MacBook cases are slightly on the expensive side, they are certainly good looking, tough and versatile, even if they do come with a rather silly name.

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Even though these Laptop/MacBook cases are slightly on the expensive side they are certainly good looking, tough and versatile, even if they do come along with a rather silly name.

France is better known for the likes of Christian Dior and Jean-Paul Gualtier when it comes to fashion but Be.eZ have managed to create a Dior standard laptop case that does not come with such a high price.

If we’re honest our team of reviewers at were rather stunned by just how cool and good looking this satchel is. The rather appealing carry case for your personal computer is made by Be.eZ but unfortunately they have given this bag a rather peculiar and annoying name, ‘LE Reporter.’ If it did not have such a bizarre name then perhaps we would label this the Dior of the laptop carry-case world.

We initially believed the case to be made out of leather. The entire team were debating whether it was or not but we soon discovered that it is actually a sort of waterproof pvc coated canvas material that is incredible light, tough and certainly a companion to carry your laptop or macbook on your travels.

The case comes in two colours. The first, and rather manly one, comes in black with yellow stitching and interiror. The other, and still rather manly variety, is a grey and blue version. Unfortunately, unlike the LA Robe Chic laptop sleeve this carry case does not come in pink.

In true Be.eZ style there is a small Be.eZ logo on the front of the LE Reporter but just to be extra cool (if that’s what you wish to call it) they have purposefully coloured the second ‘e’ in yellow.

We put the carry case through its paces. Each member of the review team were given a week each to really test how durable and resistant this carry case really is. A few of them even allowed their younger siblings and/or children to test them out and if we are honest it looked just as good as it did when we first got it.

In times of space there are a load of pockets, two rather large zipped pockets on the front and then the other on the back. If you open the back, via the velcro flap, there’s another wide zipped pocket along side two other compartments in the bag.

One of these compartments is obviously for your laptop/netbook/macbook. This particular pocket is cushioned and slightly elevated from the bottom of the bag meaning that even if you dropped it out of a very tall sky scraper and then decided to let the X-men test it out, it wouldn’t really matter.

The other pocket is for your wires and other such things, if a women would ever choose to pick this laptop bag and could bear the colour schemes, then could possibly double over as a handbag compartment.

Overall, we have to admit this is rather a spectacular laptop carry case. There only, and I mean only, downside is the fact that it has not really got a ‘female’ colour scheme so to speak and even the colour scheme Be.eZ say is for the women, isn’t really that feminine. Nonetheless, a great purchase if you’re after a long lasting, light, durable and rather suave laptop bag.

Our Verdict

Be.ez, designer and manufacturer of sleek and stylish protective cases for laptops, Apple MacBooks and the Apple iPad, introduces the LE reporter.

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