Crumpler Silver Dig Medium Laptop Bag

What We Think

Crumpler style means you’ll look good with the bag on your shoulder, but you may not be carrying much.

Accessory Review

The bag, as the name suggested, crumples well. What does this mean? Well, simple – you can stuff it into larger luggage or fold it into smaller luggage (don’t forget to take the laptop out) when travelling.

Velcro – what would we do without you

The bag can be carried by shoulder strap or grab handle meaning that if you prefer the student look over the professional look one particular Monday morning, the bag won’t stand in your way.

Two sections

The bag itself is secured by Velcro, ensuring that nothing is able to fall out.

There are 2 sections – one for your laptop, and one for documents. There is also a mesh pocket for a mouse or flash drive. For the price, many would probably search for other laptop bags for a lot less money. In addition, if you carry a lot of gear around with you, the Crumpler Medium bag probably isn’t for you.

However, if you want to look good whilst carrying around your Macbook Air, this is probably the right bag for you. Crumpler Silver Dig Medium Laptop Bag is available in Black, Espresso, Red and Mustard.

Our Verdict

Crumpler are a brand known for stylish, if not expensive laptop bags. The Silver Dig is no exception. Perfect for 13 inch laptops, netbooks and A4 sized folders and documents – the Crumpler bag is ideal for those who need to carry a laptop alongside a few other documents.

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