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The Amazon Kindle 2 with 3G and Wi-Fi is a lightweight eReader that is the most popular item on Amazon (and has been for 2 years). Free 3G makes it a steal at £149.

Accessory Review

Similar to the iPad in many respects, this e-reader comes with one major advantage – it comes with global 3G coverage. There are 2 Kindle 2 products available, similar to the iPad – Wi-Fi and 3G and Wi-Fi.

3G or 3G and Wi-Fi

Both have identical specifications with the only difference being that the battery life for the Wi-Fi only version is 11 days more than the 3G + Wi-Fi Kindle 2’s 10 days. For the 3 weeks of battery life of the Kindle 2 Wi-Fi, you save 6 grams in weight, too.

The Kindle 2 has been Amazon’s top selling product for the last 2 years, receiving the most 5 stars out of all of Amazon’s products – now that’s got to be worth something.

It truly is a wonder to hold

How does free 3G and wireless work?

Amazon pays for Kindle 2’s wireless connectivity so you won’t see a monthly wireless bill. There is no wireless setup – you are ready to shop, purchase, and read straight out of the box. The free 3G wireless only comes with the 3G and Wi-Fi Kindle 2.

The difference between the iPad and Kindle 2 is relatively simple. The Kindle 2 is mainly for reading books (and now PDFs) whereas you can download apps onto the iPad.

With wireless and 3G on the Kindle 2, you can also share on twitter and Facebook, download from the Kindle 2 store and access the web. However, if you’re looking for apps and music, the iPad would still probably win – although at £300 less than the iPad, it’ll make you think twice.

Kindle 2 store

With 630,000 book on the Kindle 2 store, it’ll take you a while to get bored of the Kindle 2. The Kindle 2 comes with a UK power adapter and a micro-USB cable for charging from a computer USB port.

Each Kindle 2 pack comes with the following:

Kindle 2 Electronic Reader
Power adapter
USB 2.0 cable
Rechargable battery

Our Verdict

The Amazon Kindle 2 is a wireless reading device with a plus. Not only does the latest Amazon Kindle 2 come with free 3G + Wi-Fi and stunning 6″ display, it weighs the same as a multipack of crisps.

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