Apple Time Capsule 1TB/2TB

What We Think

If you own a Mac, want to stick with Apple and want to wirelessly back up everything seamlessly and without hassle, this is the product for you.

Accessory Review

The Time Capsule comes in at 19.7cm in length and width and stands just 3.6cm off the floor. As with all Apple products, it looks the part. To get it to work, all you do is set the Time Capsule to work with Time Machine; the software that comes with the Time Capsule.

Spare a few hours

When you initiate the Time Capsule, it’ll back up everything from your machine. It can also back up other machines too. Our initial back-up took over 6 hours to complete – which is a bit of a hassle. However, after that, backup takes place automatically and only occurs with files that have been modified.

This is determined by the date and size of your files.

Only one USB slot makes life a little tricky

No hassles

The pros of the Time Capsule are self evident – you never have to worry about getting a virus, malware or hard drive failure ever again.

However, the drawback is that as you’d expect from Apple, you end up paying a high premium for something that you could find  a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Server grade

Coming in 1TB and 2TB, you’ll find it hard to fill these server-grade hard drives; although you’ll lose some of that space once you format your Time Capsule. It’s worth noting that we tried the Time Capsule with Windows 7 to no avail. Whether it’s supposed to work with Windows, we’re not sure – but it certainly didn’t work for us.

Our Verdict

The premise behind the Time Capsule is simple. The Time Capsule is essential a wireless hard drive that syncs with Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard to automatically back up everything on your Apple machine.

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