LaCie 500GB Rikiki Go USB Hard Drive

What We Think

If you’re after a small hard drive that has a large 500GB capacity that features USB2 which can be connected instantly to either a PC or Mac then this is certainly a great choice.

Accessory Review

The Lacie Rikiki (which means “tiny” in French) is one of the smallest hard drives on the market at the moment. The Rikiki is the perfect balance between capacity and mobility and you will never have to choose between capacity or portability.

The brushed aluminium casing of the Rikiki gives the hard drive a rather sophisticated look but also protects the drive as the aluminium exterior is strong, tough and still light enough to be carried around.

The hard drive also comes with USB boost software which only works on Windows but does enhance performance by up to 33%. With the inclusion of this software the Rikiki is a user-friendly choice that is compatible with both the Mac or PC.

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