Grado SR60i Headphones

What We Think

The update from the SR60 to the SR60i is respectable and a significant improvement. However, the quirky design certainly makes these headphones a potential fashion hazard. Nonetheless, the sound quality is beautiful.

Accessory Review

Grado are a well-respected headphone manufacturer that from time to time introduce a new pair of headphones that become part of the company’s catalogue for a significant portion of the company’s history.

Nonetheless, the Grado SR60i headphones sports a rather peculiar but the foam-padded earphones reduce ambient noises and are extremely comfortable to wear, did I mention that they’re extremely comfortable to wear? However, the Grado SR60i sport an openback design yet by default you do not get the powerful bass that is more common of closed-back headphones.

Grado SR60i: Oddball Design

However, don’t worry the sound quality is still great. Low frequencies punch heftily yet stop punctually, whilst voices in the midrange are loaded with the expression you’d like to hear. Treble is neat and prompt but if you crank the sound up the headphones bleed enough sound that you’ll be getting more than a few glances from those around you.

Overall, these headphones are, despite their unusual looks, some of the best in their class and beautifully musical.

Our Verdict

The Grado SR60i feature the traditional open back design which helps stop the bass from distorting at higher volumes but the quirky style certainly makes potential buyers think twice.

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