JayBird Bluetooth SB2 Headphones

What We Think

Just like the SB1 headset the SB2 can be used to listen to music wirelessly from your phone or iPod and can be used to place and receive calls. A great pair of headphones for a great price.

Accessory Review

The JayBird Sportsband 2 Bluetooth Headphones take their design from the 80’s whilst still maintaing a sleek, modern edge as well as keeping a neat hug for your head and still giving you the ability to move freely without all of those wires.

JayBird have even accommodated for all your individual needs and offer the Sportsband 2 Headphones in an array of colours.

Now this is when things get interesting. The Sportsband 2 headphones are an update from JayBird’s pervious Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones. You might think that you look like Princess Leia with these over ear headphones but these offer great 80s retro style and sound great. The new SB2 Sportsband introduces the option of CD quality music performance over Bluetooth, it comes with apt-X on board, which cleans up, adds depth, bass and treble to your Bluetooth music. However, and this could be argued to be a benefit or not is that you will have to shed a further few bucks to get the iSport adaptor for your iPhone, iPod or iTouch.

JayBird iSport

Apt-X is the newest innovation of wireless technology enabling you to immediately upgrade your sound from standard wireless music to sound quality that is indistinguishable from even some of the highest quality wired headphones, the technology ensures there is no signal loss.

One benefit that not all Bluetooth headsets have is the SportsBand 2 headphones does it all. The controls are all located on the left earpiece included, play, pause, next and back these easy access buttons make it simple. A nice touch to these headphones is the ability to take calls with the push of a button which automatically pauses your music and once your call is over the music resume to its full glory. Furthermore, unlike the original Sportsband headphones you don’t have to shout or repeat yourself thanks to the much higher sensitivity mic for clearer calls.

These headphones, for £99, are some of the best headphones especially for those looking for great sound quality, sturdy design and a neat fit that doesn’t snag or fall off whilst exercising.

Our Verdict

JayBird headphones are a well established brand with it’s Lifetime Warranty against sweat across its entire range. The JayBird Sportsband 2 Bluetooth Headphones offer you an iconic design in an array of colours and offer performance as well as music, skype and calls all in one.

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