Mophie Juice Pack Universal

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A huge 3,600mAh load of power when you need it most.

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We all know that iPhone’s have a battery problem, it’s never enough for the daily trials we have to face. Most of them need plugging in at the end of the night to re-charge before you get back to your daily routine.

However, this may be the end of such problems now numerous companies have started to manufacture piece of hardware that help to provide the necessary juice required to keep our smartphones running.

The Mophie Juice Pack universal is rather large and around 3.5inches long and 2inches wide. This certainly does make your iPhone rather cumbersome to carry around. Now this is the interesting thing Mophie are not quite sure exactly which devices this juice pack works with. They know for certain that it works with the iPhone 4, iPod Touhc and the iPad but they’re not sure which other ones.

Nonetheless, the product is rather great, it’s sleek and comes with a black and silver finish. Along side is a neat power-check button, six LED lights to let you know how much juice is actually left in the pack.

In regards to Apple products the Juice Pack took no time at all to get the iPod and iPhone 4 to full power but when it came to non-Apple products such as the HTC Desire it took a lot longer.


The Juice Pack is a rather sturdy piece of equipment that Apple product owners will probably love to own especially when you need a quick phone charge before going out.

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