Scosche BandEDGE G4

What We Think

A decent and moderately priced iPhone 4 bumper.

Accessory Review

You might not have been able to get hold of a free Apple iPhone 4 bumper, but there are still a variety of alternatives out there on the market including the Scosche BandEDGE g4 Polycarbonate and Rubber edge case.

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Polycarbonate bumper

The bumper, as expected, is made of a hard polycarbonate plastic. However, the plastic is evenly balanced, not being hard enough to break or soft enough to be mistaken for silicone. This is a contrast to the Scoshe glosSEE G4 iPhone 4 protectors.

When it comes to protection the bumper covers most of the iPhone 4, even the volume buttons and the power button have a plastic material that protects them from scratches.

However, this makes them quite difficult to press and a sufficient amount of pressure is required to reach the actual buttons.

The manufacturer’s name Scosche is on the top left of the bumper
Even though there is no opening for the SIM card slot tray, the case is easy to remove and put back on unlike other iPhone 4 cases. There is an opening for the charging slot but this is only compatible with the Apple iPhone 4 charger and not other third party chargers.

Clear protective films for the front and back

The case comes with front and back ultra-clear protective films to help protect the iPhone. However, the bumper does have the word Scosche branded across the left hand side which maybe a slight put off for some.

The Scosche BandEDGE G4 polycarbonate bumper is certainly a decent buy if you’re after a moderately priced case.

Our Verdict

The Scosche BandEDGE G4 is a polycarbonate and rubber edge case for iPhone 4 that is neither too hard nor too soft and offers fantastic protection for your iPhone 4.

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