Cygnett Lavish Book-Style Case for iPad

What We Think

Cheap and cheerful case, where the cut outs for the few buttons don’t line up as you’d expect.

Accessory Review

This iPad case may not be as attractive as certain leather bound options but it is certainly a case that keeps your iPad secure. It we get down to business its rather simply, this iPad case is not at all that expensive for what it is, a leather book type sleeve. Furthermore, the leather is quite soft, it’s not top quality but it is certainly soft.

However, there are some major flaws, for instance the iPad seems to not fit perfectly. The edges of the case seem to slightly impede on the iPad screen when the home button is lined up to the hole in the case. This means that anything that requires you getting access to the side of the screen is rather difficult.

Another rather interesting design feature is that there are no cut out for the volume and rotate lock buttons, of course the leather is thin enough to access the volume switch but you have no chance with the rotate lock switch. To be honest, overall the cut outs for the specific features and ports are all rather poor.

As you can see the main issue with this iPad case is that it does not fit perfectly. The cut outs, that are there, do line up but not as neatly as you want them too. However, the cover feels nice and is rather safe.

Overall, if you’re looking for protection over everything else then this is certainly the one you want. However, if you want a better feature something that is better overall then this is probably not the one you want.

Our Verdict

The Cygnett Lavish is a book-style design that is a great combination of protection and privacy. The case is made to withstand the knocks and bumps of life and the secure magnetic clip ensures your iPad stays safe.

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