Cygnett Prism SoundScoop iPad Case

What We Think

Offers great protection to your iPad from the daily bumps of life and most of all, instead of impeding on, it actually betters (somewhat) the functionality of the iPad.

Accessory Review

The case is made from a Theromplastic Polyurethane (TPU) plastic that very easily fits your iPad. The material has a rather rubbery feel which gives additional grip to you whilst you’re using your iPad. Hopefully, this should ensure that you don’t drop your iPad as often.

The colours of the case are rather eye catching, Lava Red, Ocean Blue and Dark Crystal. A case that is rather eye catching, geometric in design and offers great protection to your iPad from the daily bumps of life and most of all the case does not impede on any functionality of the iPad.

However, how has the case managed to boost the sound of the iPad. The case is an almost spoon-like device that protrudes from the case that does boost the audio capability of the iPad by aiming it towards the users and makes it a little louder.

There it is then, a spoon like device that simply directs the audio towards the user. A great feature for those audio junkies out there. However, it would probably be easier if you bought a pair of headphones. Furthermore, for around £25 you also get a 2-year warranty.

Our Verdict

The SoundScoop apparently boosts the volume of your iPad. It sounds like a tall order but you will be rather impressed by the design and technology of the SoundScoop.

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