Cygnett TuffStuff Ultra-Protective iPad Case

What We Think

A case with a 2 year warranty and a variety of features, ensuring the iPad stays much protected as possible.

Accessory Review

The first thing that will strike you about this iPad case is its rather unique and peculiar look. The case is rather protective and particularly useful for the unfortunate iPad floor drop. Of course, no one would intentionally drop their iPad but the iPad case has additional shock absorption just in case this occurs.

In terms of design the TuffStuff does look rather special and looks like a toy for a child not allowed sharp edges. The interior of the case contains internal ribbing which in theory should help to absorb the shock of a drop.

However, the hardest thing with this case is trying to align the iPad case ontop of the protective plastic sheet without creating any bubbles. The plastic is simply to protect your iPad from scratches, marks and grime.

However, fitting the iPad into the case is rather easy as it simply slides in. The case has an extra textured grip to ensure slips and falls are avoided.

Furthermore, a case with a two year warranty and a variety of positive features that ensure the iPad stays as protected as possible you can certainly not go wrong. It is certainly not a looker but is certainly a safe case for your iPad.

Our Verdict

A rather unique and peculiar looking case, which is protective and particularly useful for the unfortunate iPad floor drop.

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