Incipio Feather iPad Case

What We Think

A very good iPad case that doesn’t add any bulk or weight.

Accessory Review

Everyone’s first few days of owning an iPad are fraught with fear of scratching or damaging the device until you finally get your hands on an iPad case that should hopefully look after your precious iPad.

Just 1mm thick

The Incipio Feather case is only 1mm thick and is constructed from a light, slightly flexible polymer that is still rather strong. The case is easy to attach onto the iPad and a cut out is provided for the rotation lock and the volume controls.

The case itself features a rather soft-touch finish giving it a soft, comfortable but firm grip. It’s a shame Incipio haven’t made similar cases for the iPhone 4.

The Incipio Feather iPad Case is very light and doesn’t add to the iPad’s size

The Incipio Feather iPad case might not necessarily protect your iPad from drops or falls but it certainly will protect it from scratches and scuffs. In addition, the case is available in five different colours – black, charcoal, purple, magenta and white.

Rough and ready

The case also comes with a screen protectors in the package which ensures the screen is protected from attracting dirt. However, it is not of the best quality.

If you’re after a rough and tumble protective case that will keep your iPad clean and protect it somewhat then this is certainly what you’re after. Be careful where you buy it from though – as some online stores charge over £40 for the case – whereas we found the same Feather iPad case for just £25.

Editor’s note: Lo-and-behold, Incipio now make covers for the iPhone and iPod Touch range – read our review of the Incipio Feather iPhone 4 Ultra Thin Case.

Our Verdict

The Incipio Feather iPad Case is a perfect combination between protection for your iPad and style. The ultra-thin Feather iPad Case fits snugly around your iPad offering maximum style and protection.

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