Incipio Kickstand iPad Case

What We Think

Put the iPad in and use the Kickstand in landscape mode for the best experience as using the iPad in the case in a portrait position makes the iPad a little wobbly.

Accessory Review

The iPad might be an oversized iPod Touch but it still requires protecting and as we all know they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Incipio Kickstand for the iPad

The Incipio Kickstand iPad case is ideal for those who which to carry and use the iPad on the move. The Kickstand is made up of Rip-Stop nylon, lined with felt and certainly does look rather professional and best of all, for those who are constantly on then move, it is extremely lightweight.

The Incipio Kickstand iPad Case is perfect for travellers
However, the colour does let it down especially if you’re using it on the move. The cream colour that we reviewed picked up dirty rather easily and collected dirt when laid on certain tables – certainly not what you;d want. This wouldn’t be a problem in the office or at home but this case is made to be used on the move.

Having said that, the Kickstand is available in a range of colours – black, white and cream.

The Incipio Kickstand iPad Case has a soft interior to protect your iPad’s screen
All of the iPad’s ports are easily accessible with dedicated slots and holes where required. In addition, all of the slots and holes are coated in a plastic lining which ensures there is no fraying as seen on other iPad cases.

Kickstand case: made of 3 parts

The Kickstand is made up of three parts, the protective front cover, a document holder in the middle and a third which acts as the pouch in which the iPad is placed. However, the document holder is only able to fit a few papers before shutting the case becomes a problem.

The Incipio Kickstand iPad Case is best used orientated in landscape
It isn’t all good news: the case does not come with a locking mechanism which means it doesn’t stay shut and flaps open when you might not wish it to. However, because there are no latches or catches you can set the stand up at the desired angle, although with difficulty, and get on with your business without any problems.

Overall, this iPad stand is very good and the stand is brilliant for web surfing and media viewing. Certainly a best buy at £25.

Our Verdict

The Incipio Kickstand iPad case is ideal for those who which to carry and use the iPad on the move – it’s made of Rip-Stop nylon and best of all – extremely lightweight.

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