Mophie Juice Pack Plus

What We Think

A great burst of 2,000mAh power when you need it most

Accessory Review

This ability comes at a slight cost of around £60 ($100) and it adds another 1mm of bulk. The Juice pack comes with a simple toggle button that allows for standby and charging mode so you only ever use the juice pack when you wish to use it.

Furthermore, you can charge and sync the iPhone to iTunes without having to remove the Juice Pack by using the included USB cable. In addition, the Juice Pack provides a rather comfortable protective rubberized design.

Just to make sure you know how much juice is left in the Juice Pack there is an integrated LED status indicator on the bottom that tells you exactly how much juice is left at a simple push of a button.

The case doesn’t just help charge your iPhone when it’s low on juice but the case is designed in such a way that it acts as a virtual speaker box, redirecting sound from the bottom of the iPhone 4 to the front creating a richer, fuller and overall better sound quality.

Our Verdict

If you remember the original 1,500mAh Mophie Juice pack for the iPhone 4 then you will certainly want to know about this, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. This addition features a bigger 2,000mAh battery that doubles the life of Apple’s non-removable iPhone 4 battery.

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