Mophie Workbook for iPad

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Rather useful little gadget that will be perfect for those business users. However, it is rather bulky and will only be comfortable in your bag or briefcase.

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Mophie have been known for their range of rechargeable battery accessories. Now they add to this range with their new range of so called ‘sleek’ external batteries that are compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.

The Mophie Reserve is made from a rather cheap and tacky metallic silver and matte black soft touch plastic. These materials do help to contribute to the lightweight and somewhat inexpensive feel in the hand. It comes with a carabineer hook if you’re feeling a little extravagant and wish to hook it your belt or bag and keep it in reserve for when you most need it.

Recharge your iPhone, iPod or iPad

Along with that comes with a USB cable to allow you to recharge your reserve juicer.

The first thing that will hit you one when you buy this is its size, smaller but thicker than an iPhone. Furthermore, there is a rather gimmicky add on to this battery pack, holding down a button on one side activates a small LED flashlight but if I’m honest your phone can do a lot better.

However, a useful feature is if you press the same button again four light indications of the units remaining power appear, these lights are turned on automatically when you’re charging it so you know exactly how full the juice pack is.

The price is rather low for a somewhat needed gift. However, just take into account the size of the battery pack before purchasing it.


A portable iProduct charger that quickly adds juice when you most need it. The Mophie Juice Pack Reserve adds ‘juice’ to your iPad, iPhone or iPod when you need it most. Definitely worth considering if you travel a lot.

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