Revo Ikon DAB/DAB+/Wi-Fi Touch Screen Radio and Docking Station

What We Think

Amazing functionality, superbly entertaining sound and sleek and sophisticated technology certainly make the Revo Ikon a very desirable networked radio system.

Accessory Review

Revo have released a revolutionary new entertainment system, to call it a DAB radio or an internet radio alone would be an injustice. The Ikon is jammed packed full of features including the two mentioned previously as well as it being a docking station for your iPhone or iPod.

The Ikon produces an impressive quality of sound thanks to the two integrated 15 watt class-D amplifiers and stereo speakers which use NXT “Balanced Radiator” technology and as a result produces an impressive soundstage for such a compact system.

The Ikon can receive DAB broadcasts so you will have access to all the digital stations and now it even supports DAB+ so you’ll be ready to go when the new broadcast system comes online. Furthermore, there is also FM reception so you can enjoy all of your old favorite stations.

The Ikon features Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet networking and thus allowing you to connect to your home network and internet connection. This lets you connect to a never ending number of internet radio stations and even gives your capability to stream your music from your computer over the network to your Ikon giving you the ability to listen to music in the living room even if your computers in a bedroom upstairs.

That’s not all though the Ikon features a slide-out iPod dock which is compatible with most iPods and the iPhone as well as the ability to connect to other MP3 players, CD players or Mini disc players via the stereo aux input.

All of these fantastic features are controlled by a full-colour, icon driven, 3.5” inch touch screen interface which is a joy to use and adds to the premium feel of this amazing little gadget.

Our Verdict

If you’re after an all-in-one DAB radio, Wi-Fi radio and iPod docking station the Revo Ikon is the best and most feature packed of its range.

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