Apple USB Keyboard

What We Think

The space between the keys is either loved or hated and may cause you to stop and look down when writing for long periods of time until you get used to it. However, it is certainly one of the best looking and designed keyboards on the market.

Accessory Review

The MacBook’s keyboard is light and thin but the distance between the keys is either loved or hated. Nonetheless, the keys are strong and firm.

However, it is certainly a piece of art as are most Apple products, an incredibly thin design and a brushed metal top make it one of the best looking USB keyboards on the market.

The Iconic Apple Design

The keyboard is somewhat distracting due to the space between the keys and unless you’re already use to it you will find yourself looking down to confirm exactly where certain keys are. This keyboard may not be perfect for those who will be using it to write an essay but for a quick email or chat on messenger it will suffice.

However, the biggest problem is the very colour of the keyboard easily attracting dirt and grime and ensuring you spend a fair amount of time cleaning it.

Overall, the decision is easy if you’re use to the Apple chiclet style keyboard than this is certainly a must have but if not and you don’t fancy wasting your time on trying to get used to it then this keyboard isn’t necessarily for you.

Our Verdict

The latest from Apple in terms of wired USB keyboards featuring Apple’s iconic design

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