Gigabyte GM-M6880 Gaming Laser USB Mouse

What We Think

A great mouse especially for the price you’re paying and if you’re looking for a new mouse and don’t wish to buy into the usual Microsoft or Logitech brands then this is certainly one to pick

Accessory Review

The Gigabyte GM-M6880 Gaming Laser USB Mouse comes with PS/2 and USB connectivity, meaning it can enhance even the oldest of laptops or PCs.

It’s very thin – standing less than 2 cm tall. Although, with this size is no compromise for key-size as the QWERTY keyboard comes with full size keys and full number pad.

Gigabyte Gaming Laser USB Mouse

However, the rubber grips do help keep your hand firmly on the mouse even during those intense and some what sweaty moments of gaming. In addition, the scroll wheel is texted to again ensure that your hand sticks and stays on the mouse. The DPI adjustment switch is extremely handy when you tend to get a little lazier or bored in long games and mouse sensitivity adjustments are required. Furthermore, the 145g mouse takes some getting use to as most mice weigh less and change is always noticeable.

It is a great gaming mouse worth the money and is feature filled.

Our Verdict

A great gaming mouse for under £10 and not the usual Microsoft or Logitech brand.

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