Logitech M505 Wireless Mouse

What We Think

An accurate and comfortable wireless mouse at a just about reasonable price. A no nonsense no fuss wireless mouse that can be taken anywhere and a wireless receiver that will be your unifying hub for all your Logitech peripherals.

Accessory Review

The Logitech M505 wireless mouse is attractive not just due to its design but also the option to have it in red giving it a Ferrari type look. It is also one of the first devices to feature Logitech’s unifying technology which means that any compatible Logitech device will be able to connect to the same mini-USB transceiver. However, the transceiver is limited to a total of 6 peripherals. Even though it saves you a number of USB ports it does ensure you buy into the Logitech brand.

Logitech M505 Wireless Mouse

The mouse is comfortable, large and ambidextrous and the two buttons have a groove for your fingers to fit into. The wheel is clickable and also allows for precise scrolling through documents and web pages. However, the mouse does not come with a thumb button that is regularly used as the back button during internet browsing. The mouse includes a great on/off switch underneath which helps to conserve battery life.

The Logitech is large, comfortable and comes with a great space saving wireless receiver. However, as a result you’re pushed into buying into the Logitech brand but this is certainly a mouse that is worth great for popping into your laptop and the receiver is small enough to keep left in your laptop.

Our Verdict

A great wireless mouse from Logitech in three colours and usable on all the top operating systems.

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