Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard

What We Think

A nice keyboard that will save space on any desk for £10.

Accessory Review

The Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard comes with PS/2 and USB connectivity, meaning it can enhance even the oldest of laptops or PCs.

It’s very thin – standing less than 2 cm tall. Although, with this size is no compromise for key-size as the QWERTY keyboard comes with full size keys and full number pad.

Adjustable 6 degree incline

The size of the keyboard will make your desk look clearer immediately. Coupled with a 3 year warranty, your company will be pleased too as the Logitech is a durable keyboard which in our tests was still functioning fully after drops from 2 metres off the floor on Pizza Friday.

Plug and play

Setup is simple too. In XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the keyboard was automatically picked up through Plug and Play – hardly surprising for something so generic. With a 6 degree tilt incline adjustable to suit your preferences, the Logitech Ultra-Flat is the perfect fashion keyboard for under £10.

Our Verdict

Logitech are known for their reliable keyboard and mice. The Logitech Ultra-Flat Keyboard is no exception, designed to complement today’s flat screen monitors and PCs.

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