Kingston DataTraveler 101

What We Think

The Kingston DataTraveler 101 is convenient, simple and practical. All you want in a flash drive.

Accessory Review

You can choose whether you’d like the 4GB or 8GB DataTraveler 101. We reviewed the 8GB DataTraveler 101. It’s practical, looks the part (ours is in Cyan) and most importantly doesn’t come with a cap – which means that you have no cap to lose.

DataTraveler 101 features a swivel design for ease of use and comes in cyan, pink and yellow.

Available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity

Our Verdict

There’s enough space for your photos, documents, videos and more. In our test, when we copied over 8GB of data to our HDD from the DataTraveler 101, it took us just over 5 minutes – not bad for a Flash drive that costs a pint – and comes with  a 5 year warranty.

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