PNY Attache 16GB USB Flash Drive

What We Think

Even though this is a great, small and stylish flash drive if you’re looking for a more durable flash drive you may need to find something with the USB connector covered.

Accessory Review

The PNY Attache 16GB boasts some incredibly fast transfer rates of 480MB/s and is still USB 2.0 which is the standard USB connection on most PCs. Furthermore, even those people with USB 1.1 ports will be happy to know that the Attache 16GB is backward compatible.

However, once you start transferring files that are large such as a movie file around 3GB the transfer rates start to drop and once the drive is filled up to around 10GB the time it takes for all of your files to show on your USB flash drive after plugging it into your machine will be noticeably longer. Nonetheless, this can vary depending on your computer.

The drive is elegant and simple and limited to just one colour, a slick black outer case with a red inner case. There is also a standard hole built into the casing so you can easily add it to your keys.

This flash drive is truly one of the best out there at a mere 9g, 3inches long and under ½ an inch thick and packing an entire 16GB memory capacity at a price per GB of £2.18 there is certainly no trouble at all in carrying this drive around wherever you go.

Our Verdict

One of the largest USB flash drives for the price that you can find and features one of the fastest transfer rates available for a flash drive

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