Pretec i-Disk Bulletproof 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

What We Think

A great rugged flash drive that is truly rugged but unless you really needed a rugged USB drive opt for a cheaper and less rugged one.

Accessory Review

The Pretec i-Disk Bullet Proof USB 2.0 flash disk is small, portable and durable. The flash memory features special data storage, protection and transmission. The iDisk possesses convenient, portable, plug and play.

Due to the chrome metal mechanical body design that is covered with a pattern made up of primitive tribal stick figures that are resistant against water, fire, car crash and even bullets this flash drive is certainly rugged.

The flash drive comes on a keychain and is easily added to your collection of keys so you don’t lose it. However, the thread on the screw top is slightly loose and as a result it is possible to screw it off-centre and even for it to fall off if you don’t screw it on properly.

The flash drive is FAT32 pre-formatted and it contains a PDF instruction manual and a folder containing Ultimate Guard which is a windows utility for encrypting data. However, this is useless if you’re planning on using this flash drive with a Mac OS.

This is truly a USB flash drive that will keep your files safe both externally thanks to the bulletproof casing and internally thanks to the windows encryption utility.

Our Verdict

A flash drive that is resistant to water, fire, a car crash and even bullets truly a rugged flash drive.

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