Blue Microphones Snowball

What We Think

A cracking microphone that provides stunning record quality. Perfect for soft-spoken audio to bands looking to record audio tracks for publishing.

Accessory Review

If you’re after a microphone that is big, bold and hard to lose you may have just found what you’re after. We all know finding a perfect microphone is rather difficult sometimes – involving outboard sound cards, pro-audio cables and microphone mounts and other unnecessary bits of plastic

Plug and Play USB microphone

Blue Microphones seem to have cut all of that out with their plug-and-play USB microphone appropriately called ‘The Snowball’ due to its snowball like appearance.

The Snowball is pretty big – and hard to miss!

Since its release in 2005 ‘The Snowball’ has become the partner of many podcasters and home recording enthusiasts and this is not just due to its retro style but its clean audio quality too. As of 2009 ‘The Snowball’ can be found in array of colours, black, silver and white.

Hard to mistake

It’s rather difficult to mistake this microphone for anything else and even harder to lose it. The snowball shape measures 10cm in diameter and the metal stand measures in at 13cm. However, it is adjustable up to 17cm.

On the back of the ball shape is the mic’s single audio connection in the form of the common USB 2.0 port. The front of the mic features a wire mesh grille, an integrated foam wind screen that protects the Snowball’s two 1.5cm mic capsules.

The back of the Snowball includes a three position switch for the microphone’s three recording modes, cardioid, cardioid -10dB and omni. However, the design simply says 1,2,3 – which is not all that helpful.

Back of the Snowball: USB port and 1-2-3 settings

The Blue Microphones Snowball USB mic is a rather attractive looking microphone if you’re after big and bulky. It comes with no extras besides a stand which is adjustable and the microphone’s audio quality is simply great.

Our Verdict

The Blue Microphones Snowball microphone is a Plug and Play USB mic that, even though is easy to use, is a professional microphone for use by sounds amateurs and professionals.

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