Powerline Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit TL-PA201

What We Think

If you’re after Ethernet adapters that are low on price and allow you to push Internet connectivity without wires throughout your home, these are certainly the ones for you. In addition, you get a free three year RTB warranty which makes this a great budget buy.

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If you’re after a Ethernet adapter that is low on price and reasonably fast when it comes to internet speeds then the TL-PA201 is the way forward.

The entire bundle costs just under £50, which compared to other Ethernet adapters that work through powerlines, is extremely cheap. Even though the price is low the Starter kit comes with everything you would expect.

How exactly does it work?

Each adapter has an Ethernet port, a push button that allows you to create a secure 128-bit AES encrypted connection and it all comes with software that allows you to monitor your Powerline network and create a secure connection to an older HomePlug AV piece of equipment if needed. On top of all of that LED indicator lights display exactly what the connection and security status is of each individual adapter.

Never again will a solid wall limit your wireless network

TL-PA201 adapters

The TL-PA201 adapters are essentially small rectangular boxes that you plug into your standard 240V power socket.

One plugs into your router and pushes Ethernet connectivity to the powerline of your home (hence the name Powerline, for the product). The second adapter can be used anywhere in your home to get a network connection. Simply plug the adapter into any plug socket and use an Ethernet cable from the adapter to your PC. It’s that easy – plug and play simplicity just like the Airport Extreme Base Station.

This means that in those homes where the wireless network signal weakens significantly through floors, walls and ceilings, you can create a perfect network setup using just your powerline.

Only 1 adapter

Having said that, a drawback of the product was that you’ll only have 1 spare adapter to use. In order to create other Ethernet network access points you’ll need to buy a seperate TL-PA201 – although at £23 from Amazon it’ll not break the bank.

The 200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit: TL-PA201
What’s in the box and build quality

Straight out of the box you get an assortment of product guides, mini-CD manual, 2 TL-PA201 adapters, 2 Ethernet cables and a power cord. The build quality of the TL-PA201 Starter Kit is good – although it does look like it wouldn’t survive a drop from height. The front of the adapters is black with several LEDs to indicate signal and connectivity. The back of each adapter is a glossy white.

3 year warranty

TP-Link have certainly done well to produce such a product for under £50. An additional sweetener to the deal is that you get a three year RTB warranty. It certainly is a perfect budget (or non-budget) buy.

What’s more, the coupling of the Ethernet starter kit and the Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router is perfect for students or those on a budget who don’t want to compromise on quality.

Plug it in and play: each additional adapter costs £25

Our Verdict

The Powerline Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit 200Mbps is a great piece of kit that allows you to create a powerline network. Through this, you can use your power sockets to carry your Ethernet connectivity. No wires, plug and play and with the capability of HD streaming this is a cheap and brilliant way of creating a network through multiple floors.

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