Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router TD-W8950ND review

What We Think

It’s called the TD-W8950ND – it’s basic, it’s cheap and it’s reliable. For the price, you can’t do better.

Accessory Review

The TD-W8950ND maybe one of the cheapest ADSL routers that we’ve seen so far but it certainly packs a decent performance and doesn’t compromise on quality.

A perfect price: just £27!

The router costs a mere £27 and is probably the cheapest 802.11n router that we have ever seen. In the box comes the router itself, an Ethernet cable, ADSL telephone socket adapter, power supply and several user guides.

Connect your PC, laptop, XBOX, PS3 and more with ease
The user guide also comes on a mini-CD with an Easy Setup Assistant. It’s easy to follow and helps setup your Internet connection, wireless network settings and security configurations. Having said that, many advanced computer users will be able to configure it out of the box.

Getting started was incredibly simple. Named Quick Secure Setup, there is a ‘QSS’ button on the back of the wireless router with automatically establishes a WPA secure connection.

Four Ethernet ports come as standard – sadly, without a second antenna
However, the low price doesn’t come without pitfalls. The major downfall is that the N-Lite router lacks the twin antennas that is required by the full 802.11n standard, so in theory you would only be able to receive an entire 150Mbit/s rather than the entire 300Mbit/s.

At such a low price you would only expect the minimum and that is exactly what you receive. The router has an ADSL WAN port, four Ethernet LAN ports and a Quick Secure Setup button, which uses the WPS standard to connect securely to compatible devices simply by pressing two buttons.

High power consumption

Unfortunately, the router seems to have a bad habit of getting rather warm due to it’s surprisingly high 9W power consumption.

The wireless router itself is only 17.4cm by 12cm and only 2.8cm in height
Overall, the TD-W8950ND wireless router is incredibly cheap, rather easy to use and it’s performance is satisfactory. Quite simply a brilliant bargain buy.

Our Verdict

The Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router (TD-W8950ND) from TP-Link is a great ADSL2+ router, 4-port Ethernet router and wireless N access point – all for the pleasantly surprisingly low cost of £27.

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