Logitech X140 2.0 PC Speakers

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Logitech Tech X140 2.0 Speakers is still the ultimate in home and business document software.

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The Logitech X140 2.0 surround sound speakers are more than just value for money, they offer great sound quality in a compact and easy to accommodate size.

Whether you connect these to your LCD TV or into your music player they offer great sound reproduction, although not massively loud on the top volume setting. Furthermore, the headphone socket is easy to access on the front of the left speaker.

Regardless of where these beauties are situated, whether it be your kitchen or bedroom, the sound quality is superb and certainly makes a small TV with their inadequate speakers a pleasure.

Overall, these speakers are fantastic value for money and will certainly keep you happy with all of your favorite songs bellowing out in crisp, clear and bass-full ease.


Logitech X-140 speakers are your simple plug and play headphones whether you plug it into your computer, MP3, CD player or iPod. These great speakers offer real-time bass equalization which lets you enjoy deep bass tones with minimal distortion and best of all without taking up alot of space.

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