Samsung Series 9 900X3A Review

What We Think

The second generation of Series 9 is a beautiful machine, with a good amount of power, but a few little niggles and could have better battery life making it an attractive, yet not quite perfect machine.


The year of the Ultrabook is well and truly here and anything within a rulers length and processors whirr of certain paradigms is titled excitedly with the moniker. Samsung’s Series 9 arrives in its second beautiful incarnation to exclamations of the ultimate ultrabook name and with a price tag to match – arriving at just over the four figure mark.

It’s the usual in terms of power, with its 1.6 Sandybridge power source and one of the slimmest of all Intel rule meeting laptops at 17mm – while, weighing in at 1.3kg, it won’t really break your back either.


The relationship between Ultrabooks and us as consumers is similar to that of rock stars and supermodels (or, so we tell ourselves). This that they must be good looking before most of us are willing to flash the cash. Fortunately, the Samsung Series 9, or to be precise the Samsung Series 900X3A is a beauty and one of the most, if not the most eye-catching of all notebooks.

Made from the aeronautical used material duralunim it’s a light and also strong device, that mimics the MacBook Air in terms of quality and feel, though the screen did show the tinniest amount of flex. Saying that we preferred the keyboard as it offers the silky typing experience of the MacBook, but feels slightly larger and the keys are soft, bouncy and spacious too.

Samsung’s included the Apple like glass touchpad and all the gestures, from four finger swipes, to the usual, which show wonderfully on the 13incher’s screen. It can be a little sensitive at first, but beyond a few hours use and it all falls into place.


Samsung’s ability to make a good display, may stem from their TV work – anyhow, wherever it comes from the Series 9 does well. It’s brilliantly bright with a luminous 458cd/m2 and has great viewing angles as well as being wonderful in the bright light of our British sunshine. There’s plenty of depth and the darkness levels and contrast are notably good.

Unfortunately, the device comes with a 1366x768p resolution, which is lower than others and we’d have been excited if we’d seen something of a higher figure. The screen lacked the killer sharpness a higher resolution would bring in HD which was a little unfortunate. The device does come with a standard 1.3mp camera, which provided good images for video calls, though this might be down to the good specs of the machine.

Our Verdict

Samsung have created a beautiful piece of eye-candy that’s maybe not just as functional as it is attractive. The device has plenty of power, a great screen and a lovely chassis. Though, battery life is a little lacking, which as the name Ultraportable suggests is not ideal.

Saying that the speed of the system thanks to the SSD and the fact we’re vain and its very attractive, we still think it’s a lovely device, now where are our leather trousers.

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