Samsung Series 9 NP900X3B Review

What We Think

If you’re after an ultraportable laptop then this should surely be on your shortlist. However, whether or not it wins you over is whether you can work past the sometimes irritating trackpad, the smudge attracting aluminum chassis and the rather large price tag.


The Samsung Series 9 Notebook is a piece of technology that works as good as it looks and you can see clearly for yourself just how beautiful this piece of technology actually looks.

This beautiful piece of technology comes in 13-inch and 15-inch variations, here at we got the chance to review the 13.3inch version that came with an Intel Core i7 processors, 4B memory and a 128GB SSD. Any technology loving individual would by now be hooked, a beautiful piece of technology full to the brim with the latest and most advanced technology.

However, the sad news is that even though this notebook is truly astounding it still has to fight against the likes of the MacBook Air and other high-end ultraportable notebooks.


Even though we only managed to get our hands on the 13-inch Series 9 notebook it still packs all the essential features that the 15-inch notebook contains. The only downfall is that there is one less USB 3.0 port, but I’m sure we can live with that.

Especially considering the unibody aluminium chassis of the notebook gives it the benefit of being ultraportable, at a weight of 1.16kg, whilst at the same time being incredible sturdy and strong. However, there is a slight downfall, especially for university students, in buying this laptop – the aluminium chassis attracts grease and smudges and even scratches are more common than not.

Taking into consideration that the laptop measures in at a thickness of 12.7mm or half an inch, it manages to feature 2 USB ports (one of which is USB 2.0 and the other USB 3.0), micro-HDMI and mini VGA output, a 4-in-1 memory card reader, 3.5mm headphone jack, a miniature Ethernet port which with the inclusion of the adapter is rather handy.

We have already touched upon the ease at which this notebook attracts scratches and smudges so bare that in mind whilst we analyse the keyboard and trackpad.

The keyboard to put it simply is flat. The keys are so flat that at first your fingers may slip and slide causing a number of errors. However, once you get used to it, it becomes rather comfortable. However, if this notebook is going to be your secondary computer than take into consideration that swapping keyboards from such a flat layout to any other normal keyboard will be noticeable and rather annoying.

The trackpad is comfortable and easy to use and clicks and multi-touch gestures are registered correctly even though they are not as quick to be registered as they would be on any of the latest MacBooks. However, on a number of occasions we did find that simply moving the cursor was a rather irritating task with the trackpad deciding on where the cursor was to go rather than listening to the strokes of your finger.


The screen is one area that this machine certainly does not disappoint. The screen is glare-free, bright and easy to view at some of the oddest angles imaginable.

This notebook, like many other ultrabooks, features Intel’s Wireless Display technology which allows you to stream 1080p video to an external monitor or TV – with the help of a settop box that is, unfortunately, sold separately.


The Samsung Series 9 Notebook certain does impress but it gets even better with a battery life of around 7 hours, a boot up time of 12 seconds, a max read speed of 501 MB/s and the ability to play rather demanding games, albeit it at a speed of a snail, this laptop certainly is the work conscious laptop that will remind students to work even when they’re trying to play the latest Call of Duty.

Our Verdict

If you put aside the rather irritating trackpad, that we hope Samsung will fix, this ultraportable laptop or notebook is certainly worth short listing if you’re after something with power, performance and beauty. However, here at we would have to argue that for the price tag of £1000+ you may want to consider your options before making any decisions.

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