Spotify Review


Spotify really has become of age, throughout the world Spotify has become renowned as one of the best music streaming services. No other music streaming service paralleled up to this point in time. Spotify is a free service, but you can also pay to remove the adverts. Spotify doesn’t bother you too much with adverts though, one thirty second advert every thirty minutes. Due to Spotify’s success other companies are trying to join in on the success, such as Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox music, and now iTunes.


Spotify can boast about having 20 million plus tracks in their catalogue. Spotify has an edge compared to Goggle Play Music, when new albums are launched. Spotify will normally launch the deluxe versions of the album, meaning they add extra tracks compared to others streaming services. Little extras like that will make Spotify have the edge.

Desktop App

Spotify originally started off as a desktop app, which has been designed to look elegant. The dark interface with lime green slider controls works well with the multi-coloured album artwork. The app is quick and efficient with a great search engine that allows you to find your favourite music. It has many sections to help you find music, this could be anything from your mood to what type of event you’re holding. With the desktop app you can keep track of your favourite music very well. You can save albums, music and even listen to the radio.

Mobile App

Spotify used to only reserve the app for only premium users, but now free users have full access to the app. Normal users still have to listen to adverts every thirty minutes, but Spotify is thinking for their free users as well. Free users have to listen to their music in shuffle mode. The app is stable, and supported on IOS, Android, and Windows phones. They use the same design as the desktop version, but some features are missing. Social features such as seeing what your friends are listening to are missing, but the app has only just be launched for free users. Each app is designed differently, but all work efficiently.

Web Player

Spotify’s web player is a little slow, but it’s new. The web player gives people the chance to stream their music if they can’t install the desktop player onto their computer. The layout is clear and simple, it has been redesigned to match the desktop player but isn’t as productive. It’s pretty hard to manage playlists, you can’t sync music for offline use the web player.


Spotify is now integrated with Facebook. This makes it easier to sign into your Spotify account by having them linked. Once your Facebook account is connected you have access to extra features. One of the best implemented features is that it’s possible to see what your friends are listening to.  Facebook integration has improved Spotify for many users due to the ease of sign up and logging in.


Spotify is still the king of music streaming. It doesn’t look like it will be ending soon. The new look is great, it is also brilliant, a true five-star product. It has flawless implementation methods and integration is amazing. It has a wide catalogue, with the ability to have major labels under their name. Spotify is one of the best streaming websites.

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