Sony Vaio NS20EFS Review

What We Think

The Sony Vaio NW20EFS incorporates a specification that is more than adequate all incorporated into a sturdy, robust and well-designed chassis. However, the problem is the weak processor and somewhat dull and bleak display that is certainly not the ingredients needed for an “all-round entertainment experience.”


The Sony Vaio NW20EFS is supposed to be an entertainment experience that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. However, we’ll find out if this laptop really is an entertainment experience.


Nonetheless, the design of this Vaio certainly looks a lot more expensive, the funky silver wood-grain effect and the superb robust and sturdy build quality are unfortunately as good as it gets with this laptop.


The Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 is an entry level processor that can handle multiple applications as a result of the dual cores. However, anything beyond word processing and other day to day processes will certainly bring this laptop to a halt.

In addition, the Intel’s GMA 4500M is also a very basic graphics chipset. It can handle 1080p HD films but any form of gaming will be a juddery flash of unplayable images. However, the screen is dull and the colours are muted and contrast is poor some of this is partly due to the lack of a back light.

However and as ever the keyboard is well designed with the isolated island like individual keys that have a soft and definite touch to the finger. The keys are well spaced and there’s plenty of room for all the keys. Furthermore, the touchpad is large, responsive and the separate buttons are just as comfortable to the touch as the keyboard.

The Vaio NW20EFS features Ethernet and 802.11bgn Wi-Fi but lacks Bluetooth which is a bit of a problem when trying to connect your plethora of peripherals. However, it does last up to around about four hours but its robust and smart design and more than average battery life doesn’t make up for the Vaio’s lack of performance power.

Our Verdict

The Sony Vaio NW20EFS is certainly well designed throughout but internally its specification lacks the power that is wanted in a laptop that boasts to be an entertainment experience.

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