QDOS Q-Bopz Compact Bluetooth Speaker

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A really nifty, versatile and compact bluetooth speaker with great sound quality to boot. Definitely worth the money.

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When the speaker first turned up at the office, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It looked like any bog standard portable speaker you can pick up for a tenner. I have to say though, it proved to be far from bog standard as far as wireless sound devices go.

The device is just small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry around without really noticing it. The first thing you notice is the high quality matte silicone finish and the suction cup, which seems to integrate in to the design of the speaker itself almost seamlessly.

The speaker comes in at a tiny 6.2cm diameter and 5.9cm height making it one of the more compact speakers on the market and the perfect size to fit in to the palm of your hand or even on your car dashboard.

The pairing process was fast and simple. It didn’t even require a passcode like many Bluetooth devices tend to either. This was definitely one of the things that won me over initially.

When it came to actually using the speaker, I was prepared for disappointment. How could such a nicely designed, tiny speaker possibly sound great? I wasn’t disappointed though. Not in the slightest. The speaker packs a powerful punch and doesn’t lack bass like many others. It was tested with a wide range of genres, right from dubstep all the way to classical and it sounded fantastic every time!

The simplistic design makes it a breeze to use, though it’s not initially obvious what the middle button on the interface is actually there for. After a quick scan of the instruction manual, it’s clear that its use is for those of us who intend to use the speaker as a hands free kit extension to a mobile phone.


The speaker comes with impressive sound quality, a unique and versatile design and a price tag that sets it apart from its competitors.

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