QDOS Q-BOPZ Racing Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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A great little speaker with a handy suction pad which makes it very versatile and able to stick to most surfaces.

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The most noticeable thing about the Q-BOPZ Racing Portable speaker, the first thing that jumps out at you, is the design. It is a tiny speaker, about the size of a doorknob, that has three brightly coloured racing designs to choose from: either resembling a speedometer, a gear stick, or a hub cap. The silicon outer layer of the speaker is textured to look like a racing tire. The base of the speaker is a suction cup, which allows it to be attached to any flat surface, and being a fairly large suction cup, it suckers on very securely.

Another nice feature of the design is that suckering it to the back of a phone immediately turns it into a multipurpose speaker and stand. The silicon cover is grippy enough to stop it sliding over the desk, and the suction cup is strong enough to keep your phone firmly held upright as it leans back on the speaker.

Physically the speaker is designed very well indeed, but the aesthetic design is a bit of an acquired taste. The speaker would probably go down well as a cheesy present for a lover of motorsports, or for young teenager. The robustness of the speaker greatly lends itself to the latter, as it can take a few blows from being casually chucked about in a school bag. Further, it is tiny and light enough that it can be carried anywhere easily.

The size doesn’t, however, hamper sound quality. You don’t expect a speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand to have great quality, and the Q-BOPZ Racing won’t blow you away, but it is far more than adequate for easy listening or to take music with you on the go, and the versatility of the suction cup combined with the portability of the speaker more than make up for sound quality which isn’t mind-blowing.

With up to 7 hours of battery life (as claimed by qdossound.com), the 3W speaker will see out most parties or road journeys, and can be recharged with a simple USB to micro-USB cable, the port of which is hidden next to the on/off switch under a rubber flap in the side of the speaker. There is an LED light in the base which shines through the inside of the suction cup. It flashes while unpaired or pairing, and turns red when charging. However, it doesn’t shine visibly through the suction cup, as I feel it was supposed to do, which means the LED isn’t visible if the speaker is attached to a surface. Small, barely visible buttons sit on the side of the speaker, which can be used to skip tracks or answer calls, which makes use of the built in microphone.

In terms of connecting, the Q-BOPZ Racing is incredibly easy. Turn it on, find it on your device’s Bluetooth list, and connect. No fuss or hassle, no over complication which tends to  plague a lot of Bluetooth devices nowadays.

There is only one issue I have with the speaker, and that is that the silicon covering on it easily picks up bits of dirt and hairs, which, considering the pros this speaker has, is quite minor.


This is an impressive little speaker, which is a good value-for-money stocking filler. It is versatile, can be taken on the go, and used without too much thought, hassle or preparation, other than making sure it is charged up. The design may not suit some people, but there is a range of vibrantly coloured Q-BOPZ speakers that are very similar that would act as a decent alternative if tire tread isn’t your thing.

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