TP-Link Surveillance Camera TL-SC4171G

What We Think

A great wireless surveillance camera that has a 125 degree tilt and pan 354 degree customizable angle. The camera is accessible and controllable even through your mobile phone and is to be honest one of the best surveillance cameras avaliable.

Accessory Review

If we keep it brief the TL-SC4147G is a dedicated wireless surveillance camera that provides you 24-hour security where ever you put this camera. The camera is very easy to mount just about anyway thanks to a Pan/Tilt angle of 354 degree horizontal pan (left and right) and 125 degree vertical tilt (up and down). The best thing about it is that the live feed can be accessed through any 3G device or through the internet. The camera comes with a 54Mbps wireless connection and 2-way audio.

The TP-Link Wireless Surveillance Camera TL-SC4171G comes with a 1.8m (6-foot) USB cable ensuring that even if you’ve the longest nose in the world, you can still place your web camera somewhere where you can get a full-face shot.

Also coming with a universal clip, the web camera attaches to LCD monitors and notebooks with ease. It’s very quick to install, with Windows 7 not even requiring the drivers for the web camera.

We were Skyping our friends in Austria within minutes. The enhanced VGA sensor gives a crisp, vivid video quality that is nowhere near HD, but still very good for the price.

A built-in microphone (bundled with with Logitech RightSound technology) means that you can have headset-free conversations without background noise. The web camera also comes with Logitech Vid™, Logitech’s own video conferencing software, however, we didn’t use that.

In the box, you’ll find the webcam with a whopping 1.8m (6-foot) USB cable, Logitech webcam software CD and user documentation.

Finally, Logitech’s Video Effects Fun Filters allows the MySpace in you to add neon splashes, fish-eye distortions and other crazy effects to your pictures and videos.


A dedicated 24-hour security camera that is easy to mount this camera just about anywhere. Best of all the live video can be accessed through the Internet on a PC/laptop, or even via 3G mobile devices such as Blackberries or iPhones!

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