Possible Dell and Google collaboration

Search engine leader Google and personal computer maker Dell are in negotiations to broker a deal that will see Google’s software being pre-installed on each new Dell computer sold.

If successful, this new collaboration could be a huge blow to Microsoft’s domination of software for the PC market as users would install programmes from Google on setting up a new computer.

Currently both companies are testing the new products.

Bob Kaufman, spokesman for Dell said, they were evaluating the software supplied by Google that PC customers could use when searching the internet and information stored on their PC’s.

He said, “We are running a test with Google that could include a Google-powered Dell home page, Google desktop search and a Google toolbar.” A spokesman from Google confirmed trials were ongoing, he said, “We are conducting a test of some of our software via Dell.”

A comment in the Wall Street Journal said the trials followed a bidding process where Google edged out Microsoft after Yahoo’s withdrawal.