Curing a computer virus costs you dear

According to new research, the average cost of curing a computer virus is £260, significantly more than remedying a common cold.

According to the study commissioned by cable company Telewest, one-in-four PC owners succumb to “virus rage” and admit to ditching their machine rather than calling someone in to fix it.

But, despite high levels of anxiety over online security, 12 per cent still aren’t adequately protected against infection.

Even though 73 per cent of us regularly worry about our computer security with a third stressing daily about being targeted by viruses, hackers or spyware, one in ten Brits still admit opening emails from unrecognised sources.

Telewest, estimates that Brits will spend up to £3bn this year repairing and replacing virus-ridden PCs.

Commenting on the findings, Philip Snalune, director of product management and marketing at Telewest, said, “The cost of leaving your computer open to infection is not to be sniffed at.

“People understandably worry about catching colds and viruses at this time of year, but the effects of a PC virus can potentially cost the average person around three times more to cure.”

Customers now get state-of-the-art firewall anti-virus and anti-spyware software, pop-up blocker and parental controls as part of their broadband service, providing peace of mind for internet users.