Former Apple CEO sees Samsung as Sole Threat

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Former CEO of Apple, John Sculley has said that Samsung is the only company that can be a serious competitor to Apple’s iPad. 
Sculley, who is infamous for ousting Steve Jobs from Apple, as well as presiding over a number of tech flops while at the company, has claimed the Korean company is the only one he takes seriously as a rival for the iPad.
Sculley masterminded the Pepsi rise to prominence in the 1980s, believes that there are a number of factors that make  Samsung the main competitor. He dismissed Sony as a company ‘  trying to deal with the challenges of the legacy businesses (like the money losing television unit) while Appleis riding a wave and can focus all its talent on the future.”
He claims the reason for Apple’s success is their ‘extraordinary executive team’ and predicted a good year for Apple, while talking to the Economic Times.
Apple recently released the third generation of iPad to the world, whereas Samsung have a number of their Galaxy tablets in a range of sizes on show currently. They also are awaiting the possible release of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone toward the end of this month – a long time rival of the Apple iPhone.
It is expected that Samsung will also release two new successors to the Galaxy tab toward the end of the month of April, or at the very latest May. The new 7inch and larger 10 inch models are both designed to impress and also undercut Apple.
The new devices are expected to be Android 4.0 enabled and come with all the benefits of the latest Google OS release. The Samsung has been dogged with delays and it is expected it will be in deep competition with the coming of both a Google tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire to UK shores by the middle of the year.